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Booth Babes on Parade

Remember on Tuesday how we told you that there weren’t a lot of booth babes at this year’s E3? Did you actually believe us? Surely none of you are that gullible!?

Well, actually there really weren’t a lot of booth babes on the first day. But things change. Or more to the point, the exhibitors’ tactics change. With the economy the way it is, most of the gaming companies played a very conservative hand for E3 2009. But as the show unfolded, it became clear that the understated and conservative displays were not attracting the needed attention from the media and distributors. How do you change that on short notice? Get more show floor space? NO! Pray for magic elves to build you a new booth overnight? NO! Hire some booth babes? YES YES YES!!!!

So on the final day of the show, E3 was literally swimming in attractive and enthusiastic spokes-models who weren’t shy around our cameras — just like the good old days. And although we know that most of you don’t deserve this, we’re going to let you see the show’s lovely booth babes through our eyes — and yes, that‘s their official title. We checked.

Now, sit back and enjoy the wholesome beauty of southern California’s modeling community, the game industry and news media as SimHQ takes you Once More Into the Breach!

A Shout Out to 20mm

Most of you know that SimHQ’s own “20mm” has quite a commanding presence. What many of you may not know is that “20mm” is actually the real person that Dos Equis beer modeled their “most interesting man in the world” commercials after. True story! *

Interestingly, we discovered at this year’s E3Expo “20mm” isn’t just a respected member of the SimHQ community — he’s also quite popular and respected by the southern California modeling community. Cleary over the past few E3 events these women have sensed a certain, intangible power about him.

Everywhere we went at E3, the booth babes kept asking about “20mm” and why he wasn’t at this year‘s show. After awhile it got a little annoying. Regardless, we were simply floored by the outpouring of concern and the hopes that he’ll make it to E3 2010. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself as E3’s Booth Babes pay their respects to our own “20mm”.

* Seemingly self-evident but as yet unsupported by facts.

That’s All, Folks!

Magnum ended the day with some quick returns to some of his show favorites. He raced a few more laps in Forza Motorsports 3; he tested the D-box seats with RACE On, and then spent his last minutes playing his choice for game of E3, Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising.

Meanwhile, Chunx was gathering photographs to jazz up SimHQ’s daily reports, rubbing elbows with NASCAR executives, chatting up Jason Williams about Rise of Flight, and trying his hand a few more times with RACE On over at the D-Box display. After four or five sessions on the D-box simulator [what can we say, he‘s a sim racing junkie - Ed], Chunx noticed that the full motion chair had become part of the overall racing experience for him, just as a Force Feedback wheel eventually loses its own unique sensation and simply becomes part of the game.

Joe’s E3 experience ended just after lunch, when he had to catch a cab to make his flight out of LAX. Showing he’s a real trooper for the SimHQ team, he crafted his reports seen here on the plane ride home, and uploaded them to guod when he got back to his house. Great job, Joe!

guod did some hob-nobbing of his own with some computer hardware executives, and also caught some of the EA briefings with Magnum.

By 5 PM, Team SimHQ had left the building, and were on their way back to the hotel for another session of writing through the night. We hope you enjoyed the show!


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