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Ultimate Game ChairUltimate Game Chair

Okay, so this isn’t a game. Rather, it’s a force feedback chair that’s currently available but which should be made compatible with the Xbox 360 next year once licensing rights with Microsoft are resolved — I understand the manufacturers are currently in discussions with Microsoft to get the deal tied up. This will be a must for me when it comes out!

The chair has the usual subwoofers, etc. that you’ll find on these kind of chairs… but it also has 12 motors placed throughout the will provide feedback during games. The chair’s audio currently works with the 360, but for me that’s not enough of a reason to buy it.

Get the force feedback though, and I’ll be first in line to improve my Xbox 360 gaming experience! More info here.


So there we have it: Franny’s brief review of the military related titles already out there for the 360 that I think ya’ll would like — along with some titles to look out for in 2007 (and one piece of hardware that will quite literally rock).


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