Multiplayer in Blackhawk Down

by Guest Writer David “Stormtrooper” Tessier

Poor guy never heard me coming.

So you have finished the single player missions for Novalogic’s Blackhawk Down. What’s next you ask? Well, welcome to the wonderful world of multiplayer at NovaWorld.

A Multitude of Servers and Maps

Once you log onto NovaWorld, you have hundreds of servers to choose from. Most of them are public hosted by squads for the general public such as you and I. They offer lots of different maps made by modders. The servers you’re most interested in for right now are those hosted by Novalogic. Their servers they have stats posted on your gameplay which includes everything from the number of team games won to how many kills you have with any specific weapon.

7 Different Games

Currently there are seven different games hosted by Nova servers. These include:

Silent killer MP-5 he never heard it. DeathmatchYou’re on your own in this game. They feature open or urban maps, and you have to battle up to 30 different people who are all looking for you. So “check 6” often!
16 point sniper shot. Victim is little black dot lower left. Team DeathmatchA little easier than Deathmatch, at least you will have your buddies to help you watch your back. Teamwork is essential or else your whole team goes down in seconds in a hail of bullets.
Will I make it before they shoot me? Capture the FlagA varying quantity of flags set out on different maps. Go snag one and run it back to your flagpole. Sounds easy? Once the other team sees the flag disappear on their map they’ll come running for you. Again team work is essential.

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