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Multiplayer Mode

I played multiplayer at Ubisoft’s servers. There are 10 different objective based missions. Listed below with a brief description.

In the Channel – German demolition team has been sent to blow the locks to bog down allied tanks. American forces are sent to protect the locks.

Before the Storm – American forces sent to deliver documents to the other side of town, Germans job to stop them before they arrive.

Quiet Bluff – Germans hiding a codebook in the town of Isigny. American forces must intercept and take it to the extraction point.

Ambush at Anterbien – Americans trying to deliver orders to a convoy on the other side of town. Germans sent to ambush them.

Shattered Wings – American gliders inbound. American forces must destroy 2 anti-aircraft guns before they arrive. German forces sent to protect guns.

In the Trenches – American forces are sent to destroy anti-aircraft guns and the Germans must protect them using a network of trenches.

Blood on the Causeway – American forces sent to deliver documents across the causeway. German forces to block all attempts.

Etienville Dawn – Americans have discovered a codebook in the town of Etienville. Germans must prevent the Americans from taking it and recover the codebook.

Crossroads at Pellerin – Damaged German truck at crossroads. Americans sent to destroy it. Germans must defend the vehicle.

A Shot in the Dark – Americans paratroopers sent to destroy bridge to prevent enemy armor from advancing with mis-dropped explosives. Must avoid German patrols in the area.

Like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, you have missions to complete. There the similarity stops. There are no death match or team death match servers like other games. You can play 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4. Seems like not many players, but you are supported by 2 AI players to assist you. Watch out though — so is everyone else.

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