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Unique Features of BiA

There is plenty of blood, guts and gore in the game. I do not recommend it for the faint at heart. It’s blood splattered on the wall or dead animals ripped apart, or soldiers lying on the ground. After a grenade explodes next to enemy soldiers occasionally you’ll see them missing a leg. The language is about what you would expect from soldiers in combat: not exactly clean.

Here’s something very cool: after completion of each chapter extra features consisting of slide shows or videos are unlocked. Complete the game on authentic to open them all. World War II history buffs will enjoy this as much as I did. From weapon specifications to Gearbox visiting the area in France where the game takes place, to how the characters motion is created, it’s really neat and gives you some good insight into how the game was made. The “then and now” slides were very interesting as well.

The Situation Awareness feature is a unique feature of BiA and may be useful to see where the enemy is before you attack. Plan out your flanking maneuvers, zoom in or out, pan left and right, or tilt the view upwards for an overhead shot of your position and those of the enemy. Although interesting I avoided using it because I could never get enough zoom on the camera.

The suppression icon is another available aid. The icon will be red when the enemy is not suppressed and will change to gray when you fire a few rounds over their heads and force them to take cover. Personally I thought it detracted from the realism and turned it off.

Two typical movement abilities of FPS games were left out, why I do not know. One was leaning left or right at corners. This is very handy so you don’t have to stick your whole body out into clear view and get it shot up. The other was the absence of the prone position, which should help you keep steady aim and lessen your exposure to enemy fire.

Smoke screen. CHAARRGGE!  Grrr.... mortars!
 Bahh! It's Raining.  Sniper Kill.
 Dirt in my Eyes.  Lots of Bad Guys Hiding.

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