Using Real World Tactics

…to get the most out of your computer games

by Guest Writer Chuck “Magnum MGG” Ankenbauer


Most visitors of SimHQ, I would wager, like as much realism in computer games as possible within the limits of the medium. I had been into flight sims for awhile before deciding to play them a little bit more seriously. I read two books, one from Dan “Crash” Crenshaw called “How to live and die in the virtual sky”, and another by Robert L. Shaw titled, “Fighter Combat: Tactics and Maneuvering”. Both are very good books with a lot of images and drawings to explain the basics and more of fighter combat; I have used that information to make my flight sims even more enjoyable. While reading both books, one thought kept popping into my head “someone should write a book about squad tactics in war games and police games”.

Well, I’m no writer, and definitely don’t have the time or know how to publish a book, however, with almost 20 years total service in the U.S. Army and in civilian law enforcement, I figure I have enough know how to write a half way intelligent article on the subject. So for others like me who play today’s computer games, here are some basics of real world tactics that might help improve your game or at least make it more fun.

Part One is about police SWAT tactics, while Part Two is about squad and platoon level war time tactics. You may already know some, most, or even all of this information. This article is for those who don’t know and want to learn to get the most out of their favorite land based games with the added realism of real world tactics .

Part 1: Police SWAT Tactics

Part 1 applies the most to SWAT 4 which is about the only police squad shooter I am familiar with unless you count SWAT 3 which uses the same tactics. And if you do, the improvements in SWAT 4 are well worth the upgrade.


The in game command and reply structure works pretty damn well, but if you can connect with a co-op group on a team speak type server it will make it a lot easier and a lot more fun to multiplay.


While you’re looking at the briefing screens, equipment options, and entry locations, decide first who will be the element leader for that one mission. He is the one and only person to give commands; it’s his show, let him run it the way he wants and then on the next mission someone else can be in charge.

Decide who will team up as red and blue teams, and those two members in a team should NEVER, EVER leave each other’s side.

The element leader is in back, giving the orders to red team and blue team. (i.e.: “Red cover left door, Blue stack up on forward door.”)


Decide on who is taking what weapons; each team (2 teams in an element) should have a less then lethal option, an opti-wand, and flash bangs. Each of the two teams should be able to operate fully on their own, with their own equipment. No team should have to ask the other team to use their equipment.

Swat - 2 man stack. Swat - covering.

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