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As squad leader, you can open up your command map with the “page up” key and right click where you need a UAV or artillery strike. Your CO will automatically get that info and execute the request, if capable. Your CO should tell you where artillery is coming to, and you’ll see it on the map. Make sure your own men don’t run into your own artillery strike. Communications between the CO and Squad Leader, and the Squad Leader and the squad is imperative to avoid friendly fire casualties. To be a good squad leader, follow your orders but adjust the orders to keep your squad as safe as possible without jeopardizing the mission. The hardest part of a squad leader is to lead from the rear. I know that as a good squad leader you want to lead from the front, but if you’re killed then no one can spawn back with you. If you stay in the rear, and let your squad move forward and engage, as they die they will be able to re-spawn right next to you, keeping the battle and the mission going forward.

Squad Leader. Squad Leader.
Squad Leader. Squad Leader.


Battlefield 2 is an excellent game. The new features and new game play modes add to an already great and progressing series. But since BF2 is mainly an online game, the success or failure of the game really isn’t in Electronic Arts or DICE’s hands. It’s in the hands of the community that decide or not to join a server. These players can make BF2 a great and fun gaming experience, or they can make it a bunny hopping, run and gun dud. I’ve been on great servers and really enjoyed this game, I’ve been on servers that caused me to exit in disgust, wondering if this game is worth it. I have personally had no technical issues with this game. I love the vehicles, the maps, the squad features. I hate that there are no tutorials (except for the additional cost strategy guide) and that there is no small team co-op missions. Yes, I know that’s not the purpose, but it still would have been a nice feature to include. I really hate that Electronic Arts or DICE, dropped the ball for us left handed gamers by not allowing us to program and use the num pad keys. Nonetheless, if get this game and find a great group of team players, you’ve got a winner here.

Battlefield 2 Screenshot. Battlefield 2 Screenshot.
Battlefield 2 Screenshot. Battlefield 2 Screenshot.
You are critically wounded. Spawn Select.


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