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OFP Watch

The final mod I want to discuss in my revisit of Operation Flashpoint isn’t really a mod, it’s a utility. Like I said before one of the best features of Operation Flashpoint is the many, many add-ons, modifications, and maps that you can download and play. Well, that’s also a problem. With so many mods and add-ons out, finding a similar online game is nearly impossible. I spent more time trying to set up and share proper add-ons and mods with fellow gamers then actually gaming. That was until I found out about OFP Watch.

OFP Watch is a utility that connects to a multiplayer server and downloads and installs all the modifications, maps, and add-ons that server is hosting. You then simply click “Download” and “Install”, then click “Join”. OFP Watch is a must have if you want to do any online gaming with Operation Flashpoint, because almost no one runs the default missions anymore.

OFPwatch Utility

You can read more and download the utility here.

Finally… OFP is still one of the most realistic and most gameplay rewarding computer game I’ve ever played. Ordering your men to suppress fire, or ordering part of your squad to flank left or right is an incredible experience to watch and control.

Operation Flashpoint is not dead, you can find many online games to join and enjoy. I game with a group dedicated to using real world tactics in our computer games, Tactical Gamer has two servers open for the public. One is a co-op server while the other is the Capture the Island server, open to the public at this time, and only passworded when we have an event. So dust off that old copy of OFP GOTY edition, or go pick it up for under 20 bucks, you won’t be disappointed. Join up in one of the many online games, here are two for your pleasure:

Server Name: TacticalGamer.com – OFP/CTI
Server IP:
Campaign Info: MFCTI

Server Name: TacticalGamer.com – OFP/COOP
Server IP:
Campaign Info: Dynamic Campaign & Co-Op Missions

Towards the Future: Armed Assault and Operation Flashpoint 2

SimHQ first saw Armed Assault at this year’s E3. It is one of two new sims Bohemia Interactive is working on. You can read our E3 Report here. The Armed Assault web site is here.

Armed Assault offers gameplay similar to OFP, but with some new features and items that I will discuss in detail in an upcoming preview. Read this excerpt from the press release, just in case you haven’t seen it:

Brought to you by the creators of Operation Flashpoint: Armed Assault will reacquaint gamers with the ultimate in realistic, combat gaming.

Armed Assault features a new engine with a fresh modern setting. Freedom of action and immersive complex environments, blended with a unique touch of total simulation.

Get ready to explore massive environments. Combat intelligent enemies that try to outthink and outmaneuver you. Preserve the lives of yourself and your squad members in the heat of a modern armed conflict.

  • Compatible with community created content
  • Large selection of playable military and civilian gear and vehicles
  • Fight for freedom in a new storyline
  • Map covering over 100 sq. km, in extreme detail
  • Comprehensive multiplayer support with join in progress
  • Customizable game with built-in mission editor

Below are a few screenshots of Armed Assault. This game is due out around Christmas. Stay tuned to SimHQ for a detailed preview coming soon.

Operation Flashpoint, Revisited Operation Flashpoint, Revisited Operation Flashpoint, Revisited
Operation Flashpoint, Revisited Operation Flashpoint, Revisited


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