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My squad has moved into a good position to take the town on the flank.

Armed Assault: Taking the over watch hill.

I take a look at the map, zoom in a little and formulate my plan of attack.

Up to this point I haven’t lost a man yet, but that’s about to change as we move from a simple flank assault to some building-to-building fighting. The squad becomes hard-to-control and it will be harder to issue specific orders, especially when working with the AI.

Armed Assault: I take a look at the map.

I split my squad into two teams, and attempt a low-level bounding over watch maneuver, but I’m slowly losing men. There are more enemies down than friendlies, but with each report of a soldier down, the success of the mission becomes more questionable.

Armed Assault: Building-to-building fighting.

Armed Assault: I'm slowly losing men.

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