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I’m down to just a team sized squad, and attempt to take the final machine gun nest by using building-to-building cover and movement.

The distant firefight has ended. I wonder if Alpha has been successful or failed. I lose the last of my men, and as I spot two enemies in the distance I attempt to bring up my rifle for the kill, but the enemy is faster and I take a three round burst to the chest.

Armed Assault: Attempt to take the final machine gun nest.

As I lay in the street, blood spilling into the drainage system, I wonder… “What went wrong, what should I have done differently?”

Armed Assault: The enemy is faster.

Luckily, I can put a different plan into action to capture the city — it’s just a game.

Armed Assault: What went wrong?

System Specs

  • Dell XPS Gen 4
  • Pentium 4 3.75 GHz
  • Raedon 850 XT w/256 MBs of video ram
  • Audity sound card
  • Broadband Connection
  • Windows Media Edition
  • 1024x768x32@70Hz resolution

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