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Armed Assault Demo

The “Mission Complete” message appears. The total time of the included single player campaign is less than thirty minutes. I need more.

I check out my debriefing and exit. I exit with the feeling of seeing some fantastic potential for this game, but know that what I’ve seen is just the bare minimum and there is still a lot of work to be done. I am looking forward to Armed Assault more than any other game I’ve ever wanted. I can’t wait to have this baby in completed form, on the virtual battlefield, with members of my gaming group, playing the way it’s suppose to be played.

Armed Assault Demo

Added Information

I was not able to check everything in this limited press release demo, but do thank BI Studios and SimHQ for getting me a copy. I will now try and answer some of the questions posted in the forums. Please remember, this press release demo is not complete, and there are just some things I can not answer. Also realize that things will change, maybe something will be added that I don’t see here, or removed due to gameplay issues. And finally realize that I do not work for BI Studios, and I have no extra connections or information from BI Studios. I write for SimHQ, and have been lucky enough to get a copy of the demo from my fellow administrators of SimHQ that went to the recent E3Expo.

This morning I went to verify some final information for this final article, but found that my press release demo key had expired and I am no longer able to boot it up or play it.

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