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Plan and Execute an Assault

Remember what I said in the introduction of this briefing — using available intel then good map reading skills are the first two and most important things to know.

In Armed Assault the mission briefing should give you the needed intel on the mission. The mission maker shouldn’t create missions that are not winnable.

As for the map, learn how to read terrain and then use that terrain to get your teams into position to engage and destroy the enemy. In Armed Assault, zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. Know where the hills are and which way the terrain lines (contour lines) move.

Use the texture toggle key to get a better view of the terrain area near the objective(s).

Use the texture toggle key.

Don’t rush planning — spend some time with it. Double-clicking on your map allows you to insert a text message on the map. This can be used as a reminder to you during the mission in single player mode, or you can use it to instruct and brief your fire teams on the plan during multiplayer sessions. Everyone in your squad can see these text messages.

Mark your waypoint numbers and plans like demonstrated on the screenshot below.

Define waypoints.

You then start your mission only after you’ve made a plan and explained the plan to your squad members.

Start your mission.

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