Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (Xbox 360)

by Chuck “Magnum” Ankenbauer



Rainbow Six: Vegas 2The first Rainbow Six Vegas, though not as tactical as the games earlier versions, still was considered quite good and received a number of great reviews, along with quite a few game of the year awards. So one would think that Vegas 2 would be even better, and it is for the most part, but there are still problems, and this is not the game it could have been.

First off, Ubisoft’s decision to make a new Rainbow Six game in the same location as before was quite a shock and left me to wonder initially why not just an add-on? Basically what Vegas 2 is, is an add-on to the first Vegas game. But due to some new features, mainly copied from games like Call of Duty 4, I do believe a new game was needed because you couldn’t just simply add stat tracking and experience points to a game without it already in use. I hate to admit it, but I have grown to love achievements, experience point building and rank progression. I used to despise games with that stuff in it. I use to (and less so now) hate to play a game for hours on hours to unlock better guns and equipment. But the points and rank system has become the norm.


System Requirements

This part is more of a joke, and one of the many things I like about console games compared to PC games. The only requirement, you need to have is an Xbox 360. Of course it also helps to have a 50″ DLP HiDef TV with a 700 watt, 5.1 surround sound system. But that’s just bragging on my part. .

I will take this opportunity to explain the difference in the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Standard Edition, and the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Limited Edition.

In both you get the game disk and a 16-page instruction manual. For an extra 10 US dollars the limited edition version gives you a poker chip key chain and a bonus DVD that contains “exclusive strategy video”. The DVD consists of the game designers, the FragDolls, and some arrogant world-class game player talks about strategies, and how great they are. You can get that on any open game server via Xbox Live (XBL). You also get that same pro gamer, “FinestX”, interviewed where he tells you how great he and his team are along with how you can become a pro gamer. And finally, a sneak peek at the next Tom Clancy game, EndWar. This is a video of 2 vs. 2 FragDolls playing a sample mission.

All these videos can be found online already, so it’s not like your getting anything but a key chain for that extra 10 bucks. Makes you wonder if these extra pre-order bonus maps, or weapons, or limited edition extras are really worth it when all that extra stuff is available to all almost immediately upon release.

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