The First Battle

Article by:

Chuck “Magnum” Ankenbauer
Commanding General, Western Maggot Forces (WMF)

Todd “Wepps” Antill
Commanding General, Eastern Worm Forces (EWF)


Version 1.14 of Armed Assault was recently released. A new mode in the update known as “WARFARE” brings a new capture-the-island challenge to ArmA. In this case, it’s capture-the-island and capture (or take-out) the opposing General.

It took little time for the SimHQ ArmA faithful to conjure up a battle scenario that would show who the real contenders and pretenders were. A fight to the death. A duel of the titans. A display of some of the funniest BS smack talk ever to grace the forum pages of SimHQ…

On D-DAY, 6th of June, 2008 at 2000 hours the two forces met on the virtual battlefield of Southern Sahrani in a contest of teamwork, tactics, and firepower.

The Western Maggot Forces (WMF) were led by General Magnum and his Field Commander, Captain Adlabs.

The Eastern Worm Forces (EWF) were led by General Wepps and his Field Commander, Captain Biff.

We will now tell the story of these two great military minds *coff* and how their decision-making brought about one of the great military struggles in ArmA history.

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