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VBS2™What’s Included in VBS2

VBS2 VTK v1.22 comes with the sandbox program, a fantastic 2D and 3D on the fly mission editor, a fantastic 2D and 3D after action review tool, a nicely done visual encyclopedia of all the military equipment and gear contained in the package.

Six land masses / maps:

  • Baghdad (green zone)
  • Prison
  • As Samawah
  • Sahrani
  • Porto
  • Rahmadi

Included single player missions:

  • Movement
  • Weapons
  • Land navigation

It comes with no other missions, so you must either immediately make your own with the editor, or download them from user web sites. There are about 200 missions so far, mostly done very well by just a handful of mission makers. There is also at least 10 new land masses. Some of them are excellent, while others are not.

All missions and land masses from Armed Assault work in VBS2, so there is a lot of content out there. You have to go and get it first. There are also a number of VBS2 exclusive add-ons already. But VBS2 is so full of equipment and gear, not many more add-on’s are really needed.





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