"First Impressions" Review: Empire: Total War™

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The game comes with two excellent campaigns. Both are very well done with beautiful cut scenes and storytelling. Once you play through the "Road to Independence” campaign, the U.S. is unlocked in the Grand Campaign. The Grand Campaign lets you pick a nation and build your empire. Plenty of options to play it easy, medium, or hard, along with time frames and other options.

Road to Independence

The Road to Independence is a campaign that starts as an English colony in the new land. You then have to fight off the natives, build your towns and armies, take on the French, then England itself, then you achieve victory when becoming the United States. It contains four chapters that go all the way to the birth of the new nation. If you're an American, you owe it to yourself to play this campaign. A good history lesson, with an excellent story, featuring tactical battles and nation building.

The Road to Independence


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The Grand Campaign

The Grand Campaign consists of picking a nation and building your empire from start-to-finish. You have certain goals within a certain amount of time to complete. Very well done and replay value is incredible. In the world map you upgrade towns, farms, and post. You also control your government, taxes, and armies all with the goal of completing objectives while keeping your people happy. You can then choose to play out each battle yourself, or let the computer auto-solve the battle based on army size and unit types.

The Grand Campaign


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Multiplayer consists of instant action for land and sea battles, which lets you hook up with someone else waiting for a game. There is also a detailed list of 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 battles that can be played out. As mentioned earlier, Steamworks is the multiplayer server connection, and this works well with your friends list and join in together options. The types of battles are attack, defend, and siege. I’ve tried a few unranked games... and lost every one of them. But they all played well, just like the single player games. From a technical standpoint (as of this writing) I've had no problems with connection or disconnection issues.

Total War Online

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