November 16, 2009

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Airport Mission
Just Because You Can, Should You?

by Chuck "Magnum" Ankenbauer


Spoiler Alert! Reading this page will divulge hidden details about the single-player campaign, and discuss the controversial COD:MW2 airport mission.

Just Because You Can, Should You?

At the very beginning of the single player campaign, you’re asked if you want to skip a certain mission that has created much controversy over the Internet and in our own forums. You can elect to skip the whole mission, and will not be penalized for it. There are no intel items (hidden Intel scattered around the single player campaign that if you collect will reward you with game features, just like in last versions) or achievement unlocks.

I choose to play the level; I wanted to see the fuss for myself. Activision has stated it was part of the plot and the leaked pre-release footage was taken out of context.

When you get to the mission, you’re working for the CIA as an undercover operative.

In the mission all you have to do is follow the (other) terrorists through the airport terminal. You can decide to shoot and massacre all the civilians or just watch the bad guys do it. I choose not to fire my weapon just for personal reasons, but watching the bad guys do it does hit home.

But that isn't all, and this part hasn't been discussed in the media.

At the end of that mission you come out to the airfield area, and then have to engage a bunch of police officers and responding SWAT units. I still tried to hold my fire, but even though you don’t have to kill civilians, I guess it was okay to force players to kill 50 or so police officers, huh Infinity Ward?

The mission won’t continue till you start cutting down police officers. Again, I personally didn’t like it, but I know it’s a game, and did it to continue with the campaign.

The entire segment is disturbing and gory, and is every bit as controversial as rumors indicated.

Now, in my opinion, the whole airport mission really wasn’t necessary, as Activision claimed in press releases before the launch. The writers could have come up with a better way to move the plot along than to be a terrorist and kill civilians and police officers. It is the plot of the story, and the reason for the war, but still unnecessary.


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