A New M60A3 (TTS) for the 10th Anniversary of Steel Beasts

by Chuck “Magnum” Ankenbauer


On August 21, 2010 eSim’s Steel Beasts celebrates 10 years. To commemorate the event, a new update to Steel Beasts Professional PEis being developed that includes several new and updated features including the new M60A3.

eSim’s Director of Marketing, Nils “Ssnake” Hinrichsen told us about the new M60A3 in this latest SimHQ Exclusive Preview of Steel Beasts Pro PE v2.5

The M60A3 (TTS) was the last US MBT built from homogeneous (cast) steel armor. More than 15,000 units were built, of which about 1,700 are still in use in Egypt, 900 in Turkey, and 700 in Israel (though heavily modified).

It’s another example of Dejawolf’s magnificent work which he did as another “private” development project. But of course we were happy to integrate it. The M60A3’s fire control system supposedly is very similar to the M1’s, so I’m rather optimistic that we can add crew positions in a future upgrade — there just wasn’t enough time for it this time around.

Together with the already discussed T-55 and T-62, I think we can expect a surge of classic Cold War era scenarios, even though this admittedly doesn’t have too much relevance in contemporary training. Still, Cold War era scenarios have a strong entertainment appeal, so I’m sure they will be good for some fun with retro equipment.

Here are several screenshots of the new M60A3 (TTS).

M60A3 (TTS)
M60A3 (TTS)
M60A3 (TTS)
M60A3 (TTS)
M60A3 (TTS)
M60A3 (TTS)
M60A3 (TTS)


Other SimHQ Exclusive Previews for the 10th Anniversary of Steel Beasts.

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