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Harpoon Classic 2002 Gold is without a doubt the most complete version of Harpoon Classic available, with over 200 scenarios coming with the full product, and many more user-created scenarios available online. It features a scenario editor, and more importantly, a platform editor, which allows you to extend the game’s life span even further. It has its flaws, obviously, but the team has worked hard to make this game what it is, and is continuing to improve the game as I write this article. They have already released several patches, updating both the game engine itself, and the database. There are some ambitious new plans on the horizon, take for example the world maps, coming with the CD version of the game. You can’t actually use them yet, but God help you when you can, or your machine, that is.

In short, fans of the Harpoon Classic line of games probably won’t regret buying this product, as I expect many have done so already. For interested new players, this is the game that brought me into Harpoon, and who knows, it might do the same to you, however before you even think about buying, you should decide whether you’re interested in a contemporary naval warfare simulation. If you are, chances are you’ll fall in love with this one in minutes. If you’re not sure, there’s always demo version available, so you can see for yourself.

I bid you farewell, and hope that you have found this review even a bit informative. This concludes my review, until next time.

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