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For me, graphics are as much part of the gameplay as any other part of the game and naval simulations have always been two or more generations off the graphic standard let alone the cutting edge. You have heard it all before, you cannot have pretty graphics because “naval simulations don’t sell well blah blah blah” and “a minority blah blah blah” etc. etc. These excuses had run out of puff 5 years ago.

The graphics in Silent Hunter III are first class. Finally, we have a naval simulation with up-to-date graphics, albeit at a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768.

Yes, a larger resolution would be nice, especially for those of us with 22″ monitors, however after a short while you will soon forget any concerns you might have had about the resolution as you enjoy the great graphics. That is not to say that Silent Hunter III should not patch to higher resolutions — it’s just that it’s not critical.

The U-Boat 3D interior has been reproduced in glorious detail. Standing in the 3D Command Room, looking at your 3D crew, you cannot help but be immersed in the experience and feel of being a U-Boat Captain.

While the entire U-Boat is not modelled in 3D, the following areas are:

  • Command Room
  • Conning Tower (includes attack scope)
  • Radio Room (includes Sonar, Radio and Captains bed)
  • Bridge
  • AA and the Deck Gun

The level of detail is truly amazing with pipes running everywhere in amongst the machinery, gauges and valves.

Each type of U-Boat even has its own unique set of 3D stations.

Type II Control Room. Type II Control Room.
Type II Control Room. Type II Control Room.
Type II Control Room. Type II Galley.
Type VII Control Room. Type VII Control Room.


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