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Chief of the Boat, Surface the Ship!

If you go here other information concerning the new 2008 Submarine Almanac in all its 328 page glory. Each and every article or story, as indicated in the individual reviews above, will keep you interested and entertained for years to come, as well as something to share with your friends and family alike.

In the beginning of this review I made the comment that there were a couple of items that I felt were a bit short of expectations.

One of those items was the reader did not know if a particular story was fiction or non-fiction. But after further thought and careful deliberation on the matter with myself, I came to the conclusion that in the end does it really matter as long as the story was told accurately and was truly entertaining?

Secondly, even though the stories were told clearly, more pictures or photographs should have been provided to make each and every story more enchanting, where the reader could visualize what was being transmitted by the written word.

At home.Let’s Head for Home Gentlemen!

In closing, I would highly recommend this book to any naval warfare fan, as well to the casual reader that just wants to sit down and read an excellent piece of journalism. As outlined in the previous paragraph, the book itself is not perfection, but to my eyes it is very close. Each author of each story contained in this almanac has demonstrated their love for the art of storytelling. They all have either told a story of eras long past such as WWI and WWII. They have also delved into the current state of the navies of the world.

Lastly, I also want commend Neal Stevens, his staff at Subsim Review, as well as everyone involved that had a hand in developing and publishing this 2008 Submarine Almanac. I have to say that because they have accomplished an achievement that is not only worthwhile for the Naval Warfare Community as a whole, but something everyone, including myself, can actually reflect back to its contents and for the most part visualize a time that was much simpler and far less complicated than they are now.

Now I am highly looking forward to the next edition, the 2009 Submarine Almanac!

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