Science Mark MP V1.0
(Author:Author: Tim Wilkens, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
(Assistants: Thorsten Wolf, Jon Hou, John Cholewa)

Name: Ram Size: Operating System: CPU: Megahertz: Chipset:
Bubba 512 Win2K PIV 3000 INTEL-850
Benchmark Exec Time Perf/Athlon1200DDR
Simulate Liquid Argon at 140K 71.7  2.335 
Benchmark Exec Time Perf/Athlon1200DDR
Primodia: Atomic RHF Promethium 177.3  3.195 
Benchmark Exec Time Perf/Athlon1200DDR
Qmc: Energy Calc. Of H2O 326.9  2.022 
BLAS Routine Npeak Max MFLOPS Perf/Athlon1200DDR
BLAS1: ddot.f 968.5  3.260 
BLAS1: daxpy.f 712.2  1.858 
BLAS2: dgemv.f 971.9  1.580 
BLAS3: dgemm.f 1159.8  1.721 
 Science Mark Score 235.22 

Compiler Options Used:

/architecture:p6p /compile_only /debug:none
/iface:cref /inline:all /math_library:fast /nologo
/optimize:5 /tune:p6p /warn:nogeneral /fast /module:Release/ /object:Release/

Submission Instructions:

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