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With the 6800 GT’s 350 MHz chip speed and 500 MHz GDDR3 memory, it trails the flagship Ultra settings by some 10%; which, considering the suggested retail pricing for both models makes the GT an attractive product in its price-performance ratio. Yet to see how a 6800 Ultra would fare, the CoolBits registry value was added to enable the clock frequencies option in the driver panel. SimHQ, however, cannot stress strongly enough that the overclocking results of one review board cannot possibly begin to serve as an adequate sampling of all similar products, and to please keep this in mind while reading the following section.

Overclocking Panel

The reference GT overclocked to Ultra speeds (400/550 MHz) without issues, and because it scaled so well with resolution increases we decided to again use the IL-2: Sturmovik Forgotten Battles – Aces Expansion Pack.


The overclocked results are almost but not quite consistently 10% faster than the default scores, closely matching the core and memory speed increases. It is worth noting that with the reference cooling solution the 6800 GT ran reliably overclocked at Ultra speeds during hours of gaming, though this is again certainly no guarantee that all GT cards will do so. Also note that the PCIe 6800 Ultra cores are clocked at 435 MHz compared to the AGP version’s 400 MHz.

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