E3Expo 2005 Friday’s Report Day 3 Page 13

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Models promoting the game "Heaven and Hell".“Gentlemen… the Expo Has CLOSED!
Please Leave Now, This Is Your Last Warning….”


Once again, when the closing bugle sounded at E3 (piped over the PA system center-wide) the SimHQ team was quite stubborn about ending their conversations with new acquaintances and clearing the building. So once more, LA Convention Center security had to escort the SimHQ team from the building. It’s just so difficult to close the book on this fantastic show.

Look for our ‘recollections of the 2005 E3Expo’ next week. Scott “Blade124” Gentile will have a special treat for SimHQ readers — a ‘diary’ of the show from a sim developers point-of-view. Look for Scott’s report in the next couple of weeks.

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