Logitech G25 Force Feedback Racing Wheel
Part I: Controller Overview

by Chunx



LogitechAt E3 2006, the SimHQ staff was excited to see the unveiling of a new simulation controller from PC peripheral manufacturer Logitech. As we’re all aware, the very existence of the simulation hobby depends not only on quality software titles, but also on purpose-built controllers such as HOTAS joysticks and racing wheels with which to control the action. With last year’s ceaseless talk about the demise of the simulation genre due to lack of market share and profitability, to see a major peripheral manufacturer producing a game controller specifically targeted at the hard-core, realistic simulation audience was very encouraging.

Of course, Logitech is no stranger to this tiny niche of the electronic entertainment market, with its Momo Racing and Driving Force Pro force feedback wheels taking up the lion’s share of racing wheel sales in the past few years. While at E3, SimHQ got a chance to not only try out Logitech’s new G25 Racing Wheel, but also to establish contacts within the Logitech organization. The result was SimHQ’s selection as one of the recipients of a review copy of this new product. With the Logitech G25 recently becoming available for sale online and at retail stores worldwide, SimHQ would like to walk you through a detailed review of this new product’s features and performance in our typically thorough fashion.

Video 1 / Introduction / 3.24MB

Logitech’s press kit that came with our review copy of the wheel heralds the new G25 as “offering features which, until now, were only available in specialized or custom-built racing simulators costing thousands of dollars.” Likewise, our Logitech contacts tell us they are “very excited about the wheel’s features and think that the community will be impressed with the quality of the product as well as the experience they will get from the wheel.”

It all sounds very encouraging, but does the G25 really live up to the marketing hype? Let’s find out.

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