The Trifecta of Flight Sim Peripherals: Page 2

Physical Description

The Saitek offering is slightly wider than the CHPro pedals and slightly less deep without the supplied additional “feet” extensions to the base. They’re very utilitarian in appearance, and while I appreciate the little LED indicating power, who’s looking at their feet while flying?

Review: Saitek X52 PRO HOTAS and the Saitek Rudder Pedals

Here’s a picture of the CHPro and the Saitek Pedals for size comparison:

Review: Saitek X52 PRO HOTAS and the Saitek Rudder Pedals

The most dominate feature besides the pedals themselves is the tension adjustment, which I’ll detail later.

The USB cord is plenty long, which I was pleased to note. I keep my computer on the desktop and run cables up to it, rather than on the floor. No problems reaching to the hub I have placed on the tabletop.

Saitek includes Velcro strips that one can stick to the bottom of the pedal set for either gripping carpet or firmly fixing to one’s hardwood floor. I can’t imagine anyone sticking Velcro to a floor, but it would work great in one of those custom cockpits some have made. The plethora of rubber pads would seem sufficient to keep it steady without the use of them. Since I have carpet in the computer room, I placed the “hook” side of the Velcro on the bottom of the pedal set in the thin groove made for it on either end and its remained rock solid.

There are two plastic extensions to the set that either make the base of the unit longer.

The foot pedals themselves are adjustable in length to accommodate a pair of size 13’s, with a very shallow heel rests on the bottoms. Almost Achilles in proportion, I have found myself kicking my shoes off in order to better feel for them. With shoes on I find myself looking to see if I’m positively at the back of the pedal and not off of it somehow.

Both pedals are also controllers, making for excellent toe brakes or for translation into driving simulations.

Everything is solidly built and I believe they will last a long time.

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