ButtKicker® Gamer

by Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth



Call me a skeptic. When I was tapped to perform this review I was a bit leery; I admit I like to review things that I enjoy and don’t take much pleasure in dedicating my time and effort to experience, then write about something I don’t like. I vaguely knew about the concept of the ButtKicker from some amusing, but brief mentions of it in the forums, so I steeled myself for the process and opened up the box that had been sent to me.

Inside of the box were a bunch of items and I was relieved to see a Denny’s Menu-type of instructions (pictures and small, easy to understand descriptions). I placed all of the parts on the floor and surveyed the scene.  Basically the two main components of the system are an amplifier which turns low frequency sound signals into vibrations via a motor that attaches to the central pillar of your chair. I was struck by how well made everything seemed to be, particularly the motor that attaches to the chair. The hardware has good heft to it (it is almost all metal) and the clamp that mounts the device to the chair is quite beefy (also metal).

ButtKicker Gamer - what you get

ButtKicker Gamer

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