NaturalPoint TrackIR™ 5


Recently, NaturalPoint released their latest iteration in the TrackIR series. NaturlPoint TrackIR™ 5Immediately, simmers asked the question, “Is it worth upgrading from my version of TrackIR?” and “Will I see a difference in my favorite simulation?”

For NaturalPoint’s response to our technical questions, read Technology Editor, Joe Keefe’s Interview with TrackIR’s Product Manager, Seth Steiling.

For our product review, we asked three well-known SimHQ members to voice their opinion on the latest release from their favorite genre:

Jens “McGonigle” Lindblad provides the Motorsports point-of-view and as a veteran user of the technology.

“Adlabs6” will report as a first-time user of the technology and represent the Land Combat viewpoint.

Tom “WKLINK” Cofield will report on Air Combat simulations also as a veteran user of the technology.

The three reviewers did not “compare notes” in their observations or conclusions regarding the TrackIR 5, and the same test unit was used by all 3 reviewers.

NaturalPoint TrackIR™ 5

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