Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition

by Joe Keefe



Matrox TripleHead2GoIn the spring of 2006 Matrox Graphics launched the TripleHead2Go, putting the somewhat esoteric graphics company back on the radar for many simulation enthusiasts. SimHQ published an extensive review of the TripleHead2Go at that time, and it is recommended that you read that review in full if you are unfamiliar with the product. Today we present a review of the Digital Edition of the TripleHead2Go.

To provide a brief description of the product, the TripleHead2Go, be it Analogue or Digital, takes a single ultra-wide image, splits it three ways, and sends each third to one of three monitors. It works well in sims (3D) because your graphics card and Windows think you only have one monitor. It doesn’t work well on the desktop (2D) because of exactly the same reason. The benefits to immersive gaming far outweigh the drawbacks for productivity work.


The Analogue version of the TripleHead2Go made quite an impression with many flight and race sim users. However, it had a number of drawbacks.

  • VGA input and outputs
  • Only four available modes (1920×480 @ 60 Hz, 2400×600 @ 60 Hz, 3072×768 @ 75 Hz, 3840×1024 @ 60 Hz), although a few more were added after release
  • Poor desktop management software
  • No way of compensating for the interruption of the triplehead image by monitor bezels

The Digital TripleHead2Go seeks to remedy some of these issues.

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