RoccaForte Gaming Desk

by Tom “WKLINK” Cofield


“What the hell did you order this time?”

If you want to hear these words of love you may want to consider the RoccaForte gaming desk from MSY (short for Mushaburui inc.), a very slick looking desk that claims to be the ultimate gaming desk for those that want something that is functional but won’t get you the funny looks a full blown cockpit in the family room will get.

I secured a test model courtesy of GoGamer, one of the few really flight simulator friendly outlets left in the world. The RoccaForte can be purchased at the MSY site itself (for one dollar cheaper at this writing) but if you do decide to purchase this item you should consider going through GoGamer. As I said, Jason has been a friend of SimHQ for a long time and I certainly don’t mind giving his employer a free plug.

In addition, to sweeten the pot, GoGamer is selling the RoccaForte with free shipping so getting the desk from them will save more than a little bit on shipping. When you consider the weight of the desk it is certainly worth the extra couple of dollars to go with GoGamer.

Anyway, after some convincing of the wife that yes, we actually have room for another piece of furniture in the house I received the RoccaForte desk. In this review I will go through the ease of setup, quality of construction and use of the desk.

Ease of Setup

Packaging of the box was pretty straight forward. The box was fairly heavy (about 80 pounds I am guessing) but fairly easy to move around. The components were packed very well and I didn’t see any damage to a single piece that arrived. The desk is made out of what appears to be tube steel legs with high gloss painted press board tops. The boards used in the tops aren’t your common pressboard though; this appears to be fairly high quality boards and not the run of the mill crap you find in most outlet stores. The top has a very bright black sheen which appears more to be painted on than laminated.

As you can see from the picture, the components involved in construction are relatively few. Unlike my dad’s TV cabinet I put together a couple of years ago this item needs no tools and really no skill in putting together. I actually was fairly impressed with the relative ease of construction. I have put a lot of things together over the years and I expected that this might take a little skin in construction but it went together without a hitch.

As I said, no tools need to be furnished to put the desk together. All the hardware is pre-drilled and fastened by Allen bolts furnished with the desk. The feet simply screw onto the base of the tube steel and are adjustable to allow for a flat surface in places that may not have a perfectly level floor. It would take an average person probably about an hour to put the desk together.

Fit and finish of the desk is excellent. This is not a cheap desk (350 dollars) so I expected the components to fit properly and for the finish of the desk to look good. The desk is very shiny and all the holes lined up perfectly. There was no ‘making it fit’ with the desk, something I wish I could say about all the furniture I have tried to put together. Once together the desk is solid and appears to be able to handle just about any piece of computer equipment you could think of to put on it. The six legs of the desk should handle any extra equipment that will come out in the future.

So I will say that the initial impression of the desk was very favorable. Fit and finish are above average to say the least, it was easy to put together and solid.

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