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Cockpit Assembly

As a result of spiraling-upward material costs, the cockpit materials are made in China. To ensure quality control, Kurt inspects each and every piece before it ships to the customer. As an example of Kurt’s quality control, Kurt showed me a seat that had a very minor scratch on the bottom side. When assembled, it wouldn’t even be visible. The seat did not pass Kurt’s keen eye and was rejected.

Cockpit Assembly Here is what you’ll find in the cockpit box. The cockpit is packed in one box and the upper panels are in another.
Cockpit Assembly I’ve attached the aft supports to the cockpit base.
Cockpit Assembly They are held in place by four screws and support brackets. The forward support is held to the cockpit base by two of the four adjustable feet. The adjustable feet are capable of raising / lowering the cockpit base about an inch.
Cockpit Assembly Since I’m a center stick kind of flyer, I placed the joystick base between my legs. Your other options for placement are on the left or right side panels.
Cockpit Assembly It’s time to add the side panels for attaching the joystick, throttle, and mouse / trackball. The fore and aft portions of the side panels as well as the lower monitor support are held in place with #2 flat Phillips head screws and nuts. The nuts are metric. No need to go out and purchase metric tools you may not have — a one-size-fits-all crescent wrench is included.

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