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Adding Controllers
If you know anything about me, I’m a tinkerer. I don’t know of any twelve-step program for my sickness, and if there were a program, I’m not sure I’d attend the meetings.

In my old cockpit I had the CH Throttle Quadrant on the left in front of my CH ProThrottle. I know, not too conventional, but I liked it that way! After all, I fly with my right hand. So, my tinkering brain was trying to figure a way to mount the Throttle Quadrant in the same way I did in my old pit. In my old pit, I can’t count how many times I’ve snapped off a lever of my Throttle Quadrant getting in or out of it. With this new setup, I doubt very seriously I’ll have that problem. Each of the controllers is held in place by Velcro straps that are supplied with the cockpit. For you Saitek fliers, there are pre-drilled holes to mount your HOTAS.

Here you see my controllers setup in the SCS FX.
Now for those of you with long legs, you may be asking if there is any adjustment for the pedals to go fore/aft. The answer to your question is yes, there is. There are three locating holes on each side to place the pedals closer or further from you.
If you want a clean look without USB cords cluttering up the panel tops, you can opt to run them through the Velcro strap holes cut into the panels.These three photos show how well it works.

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