Capturing Screens and Videos
Using the Black Magic Intensity Pro Capture Card


Encoding DIVX 6.8 HD

1) You start with the RAW AVI file.

2) Close Virtual Dub capture now (File > Exit Capture Mode).

3) Now Open the AVI File (File Open > Select File).

4) On the "Video" menu, set it to "Full Processing Mode".

5) Go to "Frame Rate".

6) In the second section choose "Convert to fps: and Enter 30.000".

7) Click "OK"

8) Select "Video" menu > "Compression" > choose "DIVX 6.8" (or 6.8 2 logical CPUs for dual core processors)

9) Select "Properties" > choose the "Main" tab.

10) For the profile choose "720HD" and use the preset and set it to maximum quality. Note: I think 8 is the maximum you can go with the free version. I'd recommend a bit rate between 3500 and 6000 Kbit/sec.

11) Choose the "Video" tab under "DIVX Properties"

12) Ensure its "Square Pixels on Both Format In and Out, No Resize, No Noise Reduction and Choose Progressive

13) Click "OK" to return to the main screen.

14) Under the "Audio" menu, choose "Full Processing Mode".

15) Set the compression to "Lame MP3" and any of the 48 KHz Options in "User Preferences".

16) Click "OK".

17) Go to "File" > "Save AVI".

Enter the file name, save, and you are done.


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