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Flight Simulation

Like with the other features in the Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit, flight simmers have several options. And even after you have settled on one or the other, you can still switch out the controller positions easily.

Remember that on any of the 3 following setups, you can remove the steering wheel mount and optional tabletop to have a wide open cockpit.

The first setup below uses only the Gaming Cockpit and does not include the optional flight simulation add-on package…

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit - flight simulation

….while this setup includes the flight sim package and allows for outboard controls on the left and right.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit - flight simulation

Center-stick fliers will be interested in this mount that comes with the flight sim package. It attaches to the top bolts that connect the front and back frame sections. For me, its the primary reason to purchase the optional package.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit - flight simulation

I asked Chris for an example of a customer using the flight sim yoke. He sent me the image below taken at a local ground flight school. I think almost every Saitek FSX controller panel made is represented!

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit - flight simulation yoke

The controls are all easily accessible, stable, and it’s easy to change out. I used heavy-duty velcro to mount the stick. A request for Obutto… make the flight sim mounting plates a bit wider so the HOTAS throttle and stick can mount with velcro dots on the feet. As it is now, the velcro runs through the center of each controller, and it works, but it invalidates the wider positioning of the feet. This is the case with other HOTAS controllers and not limited to the footprint on CH Products controllers.

Let’s next look over the sim racing options.

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