Arma3 – SimHQ Multiplayer Addon Update Incoming

Arma3 – SimHQ Multiplayer Addon Update Incoming!

The SimHQ Arma3 multiplayer group’s addon package update is incoming. In addition to various fixes and updates, the latest versions of RHS and ACE3, plus the weapons packages are included. New maps also will be added to the rotation, including the Xcam prototype map, Lingor, and Pantera. Weapons of interest include the MAAWs, Javelin, and more.

Check the sticky in the Arma3 forum for links to get started:

And the addon update announcement thread:!!#UNREAD

The SimHQ Arma3 multiplayer group meets for the “Military Monday” session each Monday at 8pm Eastern time, and is admined by Meatshield, adlabs6, and/or saghen. Tactical, but fun, play is the order of battle on Monday nights. More relaxed play sessions are scheduled on “Serious Sunday” at 3pm Eastern. New players are welcome, and players are welcome to join the session in progress, if their own schedule requires.


Screenshots courtesy of saghen, video courtesy of Fridge.

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