Blackpool Airport Released For FS9

Developer RJ Sim has recreated the famous Blackpool International Airport for all of you FS2004 fans out there. Released on January 29th, the publisher said:

Blackpool International Airport - Available for FS9 - FSX - P3D

Blackpool International Airport – Available for FS9 – FSX – P3D

One of the UK’s oldest airfields, Blackpool is a favourite for both passengers and pilots. Development on VFR Blackpool began before the sad news that the airport was to close to commercial operations in October 2014. However, still buzzing with general aviation flights, who knows what the future holds…

The impressive recreation boasts the “most accurate and up-to-date” version of Blackpool, including the commercial passenger terminal, airfield hangarage, and nearby structures like the industrial estate, Blackpool Tower, and the Big One rollercoaster.

Also, for those of you who prefer FSX, RJ Sim’s faithful recreation has been available since November 2014, as well as a version you can drop into Prepar3D (V1 or V2) should you so desire.

You can check out developer RJ Sim here, and learn a little about the real Blackpool airport here, if the mood strikes you.

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