Combat Mission: Market Garden available from

combat-mission-market-gardenCombat Mission: Market Garden is now available as an expansion module to Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy 2.0,  a WW2 tactical combat simulation game from

Market Garden allows the player to recreate allied Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery’s September 1944 dash across Holland in a daring gambit to leap the Rhine river and enter the heartland of Germany itself. It is bursting full with new features, such as new larger bridges and buildings, new map tools including the new master map concept, new scenarios, campaigns and Quick Battle Maps, and last but not least all new units and equipment.

There are  7 “master maps”, historically accurate, detailed and thoroughly researched, depicting the main areas around the bridges where most of the fighting happened:

  • Oosterbeek
  • Johana Hoeve
  • Arnhem Road Bridge
  • Oosterhout ( north of Nijmegen)
  • Nijmegen
  • West Nijmegen
  • Elst


Available immediately for Digital Download, Mail Delivery or Download & Mail, starting from $35 plus S&H if applicable.

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