DayZ update 0.55 – What’s confirmed

Thanks to some industrious DayZ community members, we now have a better look at what update 0.55 will be bringing to the table. Early today, Brian Hicks tweeted:

So, you can also expect a nice update on the game’s progress soon!

Currently, update 0.55.127129 is 562.3 MB and contains a number of confirmed and unconfirmed changes. However, the [World], [Loot], [Bug], and [Mechanic] tags are all present and pointing to updates to the map, new lootable items, bug fixes, and new/modified game mechanics.


Updated Crosshair

Confirmed Changes

You can now contract Cholera (ugh!)

Water from ponds can now be harmful if not purified

Water purification tablets are working

New trombone sound

New V3S lights icon

New Tapolka Dam buildings are spawning loot

Central loot economy

Weapon inertia (no info yet on which weapons do and don’t have it)

.308 Winchester Ammo (plus the ammo box)

Bear traps are spawning now (video – Note: These traps will break your legs if stepped on)

Landmines are spawning (demo video)

7.62x54mmR Rounds

You can cook lard now

Realistic animal behavior

New ladder icons (up / down)

New “View Contents” icon

New truck icons

Birch bark can be obtained and used to create a fireplace kit

Oak bark can also be obtained

Blaze 95 now uses .308 rounds

Longhorn pistol now uses .308 rounds

New med building outside of Elektro

New camps (FirstSecondThirdFourthFifthSixthSeventhEighthNinth)

All new campsites marked on the map (/u/ViqsFromMars)

All new campsites marked on the map (/u/ViqsFromMars)

Unconfirmed Changes

Possible new idle animations while in the main menu

New over the head throw animation

Gamefiles and New Content

New items found in gamefiles / more items (Russian site)

New firearms and clothing

Possible upcoming items

Even more zombies in the world (up to 1100 from 700)

River Water can now give Cholera

.308 Winchester rounds spawn points added

Speculations and Expectations

Winchester rifle (very likely)




Fruits and veggies are invisible unless put in your hands

Water pump is once again spammable

Landmine hit detection is a bit wonky

One handed Ice Axe can’t be swung

Possible buggy AI


Previous official status report – March 24th, 2015

Credits – The wonderful users of /r/dayz

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