DCS: A-10C Warthog BFT Campaign and 1.5.3 Update 2

DCS-A-10C-BFT-Campaign-Update-1.5.3-WarthogEagle Dynamics has released the newest DCS update along with a robust Basic Flight Training Campaign for the A-10C Warthog. The campaign boasts over 2,300 lines of voiced dialogue and has 170+ pages of briefing material (A-10C checklist, maps, data cards, etc) to soak up in your spare time.

Everything from your flight plan and start-up to handling emergencies will be covered in the newest Basic Flight Training update. The mission itself has 12 performance rides and you’ll be judged based on some of the Warthog’s actual qualification requirements:

  • General knowledge, airmanship, and safety.
  • Pre-takeoff and takeoff.
  • Navigation and maneuvers.
  • Approach and landing.
  • Communications and task prioritization.

While this BFT campaign may not be as complex or satisfying for A-10C veteran pilots, it will definitely give newer pilots (or players wanting to learn more about the A-10C) a more in depth look at the Warthog’s features and handling.

This newest campaign addition is supported by the next DCS iteration – version 1.5.3 Update 2. This update is mostly a house keeping download, but the save game fix is much appreciated, as are the tweaks to the C-101EB:
DCS World

  • Game will be able re-save older mission files correctly
  • MP. Double ejecting of net-phantom pilot is eliminated


  • Mach number indicator needle smooth movement
  • Tooltips corrected
  • Input commands of sight ranging corrected
  • G-LIMIT LIGHT indicator corrected

DCS MiG-15bis

  • Mach number indicator needle smooth movement
  • Added padlock

DCS Ka-50

  • The overcast clouds will not be rendered in ABRIS


  • Autostart/Autostop sequences added
  • ES and CN localization updates, mainly regarding autostart/autostop sequences
  • Fixed pilot body drawing and helmet animation
  • Rear pilot’s head is now visible from cockpit view
  • Front pilot left arm (throttle animation) added in outside view
  • Several 3D and textures corrections in cockpit instruments
  • Ejection handle is now operative through clickable cockpit
  • New interface background picture added
  • Cockpit reflections improved
  • Encyclopedia improvements
  • Several mission updates
  • Right battery behavior fixed
  • Instrument lights fixed (interaction between cockpit flood lights and external model cockpit lights)

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