DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map

DCS-World-Nevada-Test-and-Training-Range-NTTR-Preorder-November-ReleaseThe Nevada Test and Training Range map (NTTR) originally started as a third party project, but Eagle Dynamics eventually partnered up on the concept after development of the DCS: A-10C started. However, once the third party in question fell apart, Eagle Dynamics was left holding onto promises and preorders. On top of that, ED discovered that the TFCSE engine had insufficient ability to run the map at the standards promised. This circumstance led to the creation of EDGE, a new Image Generator built from scratch that would give DCS a welcomed technical and graphical boost – the Nevada map proved to be the perfect testing grounds for such an undertaking.

Now, roughly five years after the initial conception, The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics have finally certified that the NTTR map is finally ready for pre-order. From now until November, the map’s Open Alpha release date, players can pre-purchase the map for $39.99, 20% off the full price of $49.99. Of course, if you bought the A-10C Warthog during beta (before February 21st, 2011), then you’ll finally be getting your free map!

DCS-World-Nevada-Test-and-Training-Range-NTTR-Preorder-November-Release-A10C-WarthogThe Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) has the largest contiguous air and ground space available for peacetime military operations in the free world. The NTTR land area includes simulated air defense systems, mock airbases, and several target ranges. The NTTR was also used for nuclear testing. Today, it is home to RED FLAG and other military exercises that include countries from around the world. The NTTR map for DCS World 2 includes Nellis AFB, Creech AFB and the infamous Groom Lake AFB (aka Area 51). This map also includes the city of Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport, and Hoover Dam.

NEVADA Test and Training Range Features:

  • 366,000 sq. kilometres that covers portions of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California.
  • Highly detailed modelling of Nellis Air Force Base, Creech Air Force Base, McCarran International Airport, and the Area 51 facility.
  • Hoover Dam and Lake Meade.
  • All VOR and VORTAC radio navigation beacons.
  • High resolution mesh and textures around the detailed airbases.
  • The entire NTTR airspace as well indication of all sub-ranges.
  • Las Vegas, Pahrump, Mesquite, Moapa, Indian Springs, Boulder City and other cities and towns in and nearby the NTTR. This also includes all major roads, railways, and power lines.

If you decide to pre-order the map before October 1st, you’ll also get two free Red Flag campaigns – one for the F-15C and one for the A-10C. If you wait and pre-purchase between October 1st and the November release date, you’ll only get one free Red Flag campaign.

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Wooden Aircraft Propeller (Training Tool)
$200.0 Wooden  Aircraft  Propeller  (Training Tool) picture
Early Cessna Airplane Engine Nose Cowl with Ingraham clock where propeller goes
$149.95 Early Cessna Airplane Engine Nose Cowl with Ingraham clock where propeller goes  picture
Woodward Propeller Synchronizer PN 213620B, 213433
$275.95 Woodward Propeller Synchronizer PN 213620B, 213433 picture
McCauley 1A170 DM7655 Propeller
$2500.0 McCauley 1A170 DM7655 Propeller picture
hartzell propeller
$2800.0 hartzell propeller picture

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