Flight Training Cockpit Advanced Panel

Flight-Training-Cockpit-Advanced-Panel-002The Flight Training Cockpit Advanced Panel from flighttrainingcockpit.com  offers a great way to organize and mount Saitek Pro Flight Simulation Instruments and controls into your home simulator setup.

The twist-and-remove pre-cut squire tabs allow you to add up to 10 Saitek units to your  panel over time and swap simulation devices between slots as your setup changes.

You can also accommodate up to four Saitek Pro Flight Multi, Radio, Switch or Backlit Information Panels using the rectangular presets.

The panel is produced from aircraft grade sheet metal that is powder coated and pre-assembled to a textured glare shield. The panel easily clamps to a desk with Saitek mounting hardware that comes included with flight controls.

Pricing for the panels is around $320 and is available from Amazon and other online stores.




The Flight Training Cockpit Advanced Panel is not approved or certified by the FAA or any other foreign government or entity for use in flight training to satisfy required proficiency time, instrument experience, training for certificates or ratings. The use of the Flight Training Cockpit Advanced Panel for the foregoing purposes is not approved and should not be so used.

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