Marine Air Virtual Airline

marine-air-virtual-airlineMarine Air Virtual (MAV) provides a a virtual flying environment operated as a loosely structured military VA.  Military rank is simply a title that is earned by flying the required number of hours. Virtual  rank is an achievement earned by each pilot. Rank and awards are earned by each pilot through their own effort at their own pace.

Marine Air Virtual requires each active pilot to submit one mission report every calendar month. Our volunteer military virtual pilots have the opportunity to fly their favorite military aircraft using the MSFS2004 and MSFSX flight simulator software. kACARS_Free version is used to file mission reports and pilots can fly their favorite MAV aircraft without any restriction based on rank or hours. While freeware and payware aircraft are allowed,  payware aircraft is not a requirement.

Marine Air Virtual consists of Fighter Aircraft, Attack Aircraft, Transports, Air Refuelers as well as helicopter assets.  Existing in the virtual world to support the individual virtual Marine on the ground, virtual adversary aircraft from the sky provide bombing and ground attack capability against enemy ground targets. Marine Air Virtual objectives are to achieve air/ground superiority over the virtual battlespace by providing close air support, air interdiction, aerial reconnaissance, electronic warfare, transport, and ground assault support.

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