Silent Hunter Online open beta begins

silent-hunter-betaVirtual submariners, here is your chance to become involved in the public beta of Silent Hunter online recently launched by the team over at  Ubisoft Entertainment.

Silent Hunter Online sees the return of the lovingly and painstakingly recreated array of historically accurate submarines that brought fame to the franchise, and invites players to command them online in new ways. At the heart of the game is “the Battle of the Atlantic”, an innovative and dynamic campaign in which individual successes impact all other players through asynchronous gameplay.

For the first time in the Silent Hunter series, players will be able to play every mission in real-time and in co-op, by teaming up online to form a Wolfpack and operating as a single unit towards joint goals and server-wide missions.

Go to and register (requites a U-play account for those that are leery of such a thing) and start playing.

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