Steam Summer Sale June 19th – 30th

Steam Summer Sale

Adios wallet stuffed with cash — Hello tons of new games! The Steam summer sale has started and things are grim for my financial future. While Steam doesn’t have all the sims that you could want, it does have a large selection of titles worth checking out. Unfortunately, the newest simulator out there, SPINTIRES, has not been put on sale yet, but there are some titles already seeing deep discounts. Storm over the Pacific is an interesting hardcore simulation/strategy title that is sitting at 43% off (11.39), Wings Over Europe (Cold War Gone Hot) is 75% off (2.49), and for those with World Cup fever FX Football – The Manager for Every Football Fan is half off (9.99).

In addition, Steam is doing something new this year in regards to their “adventure” mode that comes out with each big seasonal sale. This time you are randomly assigned a team which earns points throughout the day. The team with the most points at the end of the day wins, and 30 members are chosen at random to get three free games from their wish list. In addition, rewards are being handed out like candy on Halloween for badges that you create over the course of the sale. More information can be found here.

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