Wings: Over Flanders Fields Released

Wings Over Flanders FieldsWings: Over Flanders Fields, and immersive WWI sim by OBD Software has been released and is available via digital download or on DVD.    Some of the new features:

  • New Artificial Intelligence  “AI”
  • New Campaign Engine
  • 55 Flyable aircraft included from the start!
  • New Scenery and Scenery Objects
  • New ‘Outcomes’
  • New Damage systems
  • New Full Original WOFF Musical Score
  • New In-Flight Map
  •  Immersion Labeling system, including DOTS option, Activity and Identity options for immersion.
  • TrackIR – smooth fast implementation.
  • Prop Blur – see the Prop from the Cockpit now.
  • New Flight Training instructor, with flight instructor messages for key events.
  •  New Collisions
  • New Engine Failures
  • New Wind and ‘air bumps’.
  • New GAI flights – these will be waiting on ground to get the call to intercept you
  • Gun Jams and Unjamming

You can also view the Wings: Over Flanders Fields discussion forums here on SimHQ.



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