Naval Action: Guides To Get You Started

Naval-Action-Game-Labs-Age-Of-Sail-Naval-Simulation-CombatIf you’ve visited the SimHQ forums in the past few months, particularly the Naval Simulations board, you’ll probably have noticed a lengthy discussion about Naval Action, an Age of Sail game in development by Game Labs. The game is still in its Alpha/Early Beta phase but has been very steadily garnering a dedicated following. Given the complexities of the game, a number of guides, videos, and posts from around the internet have been created to shed light on the games mechanics and direction. However, this information is rather spread out and requires a bit of searching to gather up. On top of this, interested gamers can’t get their hands on the game because Game Labs recently stopped accepting preorders in preparation for further testing. (PayPal also suspected something shady was going on because preorders were doing a little TOO well!)

To alleviate the down time between information releases, I’ve tried to create something of a compendium, albeit an incomplete one, for everyone seeking out information about Naval Action.

Hope you enjoy!

What is Naval Action?

Game Labs’ blurb:

Naval Action is an exciting, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat game immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history – when sailing ships ruled Naval-Action-Game-Labs-Age-Of-Sail-Naval-Simulation-Combat-1the seas.

Basically, think EVE Online meets Pirates of the Burning Sea meets “Realistic ballistics and cannon performance of the period.” Unlike Pirates of the Burning Sea, Naval Action is focused much more on realistic actions from wind physics, damage models, and individual ship performance. The current incarnation of the game is built around multiplayer PVP, similar, though far from identical, to EVE Online. However, Game Labs have announced that they are working to include an open world in the game, in which players (with friends) can take on PVE content against the game’s A.I.

While somewhat dated, YouTube user FlipFLopsPOTBS gives a decent look at what to expect from the game, here.  (Heads up: Some links contain strong language, but nothing over the top)

Video Guides / Information

Furraus’ tutorials:

Ship Anatomy

Controls and GUI (Interface)

Rigging and Optimal Wind


Ship Identification

First Look (Beta) / General Overview – By Squirrel

Cannons, Ammo, and Shooting – By Bismarck

An Introduction to Sea Trials – By Bismarck

How to use manual sails (quick guide) – By ragor79

How to use manual sails (extended guide) – By ramjb

Ship Analysis&Gameplay – By ramjb

A look at Naval Action’s combat – By The Mighty Jingles (With SideStrafe, Bismarck, and RamJB)

Battle of Trafalgar, 40 Ships! – By SideStrafe

Written Guides / Information

A Treatise On Naval Action: A Complete Guide – By Mr. Doran (language)

A Short Guide For Novices – By Inigo Balboa

Keyboard Shortcuts List – By Destraex and Wicked Mouse

Temporary UI Explianation / Overview – By Game Labs (Dated)

Tracking Discussion

Official Websites and Social Media

Naval Action 

Game Labs 

Game Labs Forum

Steam Greenlight Page

Naval Action Twitter

Naval Action Facebook


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