Lock On: Modern Air Combat

                               LOMAC Gallery

The Gallery is an on-going series of screenshots and videos featuring LOMAC. We’ll be adding to this series over the next several weeks.

Maritime Attack – Series 3

This time we have three subsets. Images are 1600 x 1200 and 1280 x 1024. Each thumbnail below has an alt tag showing the file size of each image. As before, they are unedited or resized and show the amazing capability of LOMAC to present different environmental lighting situations. Keep in mind the F/A-18 is not one of the current flyable planes, but can be used as part of mission scenarios.


239 kb 207 kb
229 kb 149 kb
126 kb 179 kb

Blue Skies

65 kb 171 kb
94 kb
145 kb
182 kb 115 kb
200 kb 161 kb
97 kb 67 kb
74 kb


68 kb 77 kb
67 kb
72 kb
88 kb 98 kb
71 kb 66 kb


Ground Attack – Series 2

Our second series of images put Apaches, A-10s and F-16s against enemy tanks and SAMs. All screenshots are 1280 x 1024 resolution and are unedited or resized. Most of these screenshots were taken in late afternoon/early evening lighting which tends to cast harsher shadowing. Click on the link under each photo to go to the next image in the series. After the last screenshot, you’ll end-up back here. Click here for the first screenshot.

Air to Air Combat – Series 1

Click here to download our first series of screenshots that shows four F-15C’s against four MiG-29S’s. The jpg’s are zipped in a single 1.85 MB file.

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