A LOMAC Mission Report: My First Medal!

A Lock On: Modern Air Combat Air to Ground Mission

by Cat


Spasibo, my friends! Today, I am very happy. I have some… you call it, “fruit salad”? for my uniform! Vasily, and all the 586th, are very proud of me. But not so much as I am of myself.

We hit Muqtadeh today, where it would hurt the most. After Vasily and I attacked the Turk base, Turkish F-16s attacked our cruiser Moskva and her consort Neustrashimy. And again, they failed, for Moskva downed all four while they were still outside range of their laser bombs. Now, the Turk is more circumspect. And it came to us that the Sheikh was planning revenge most foul indeed. In a small factory complex, placed near to a former resort hotel north of the Sukumi airbase, they began to make what you call weapons of mass destruction. The nerve-gas, called VX. Only Muqtadeh is so cruel as to use this for what he intended — terror attacks upon innocent, brotherly Georgians who choose not to follow him.

We would stop him.

At Sochi base we now have new friends from your NATO. The Americans have sent to us their A-10A Thunderbolt II aircraft. "I do not understand why you call this a "hog". It is beautiful like our own Su-25!"I do not understand why you call this a “hog”. It is beautiful like our own Su-25! And it flies like silk, not wallow like pig in mud. The Americans think it is funny that I do not understand. It is a joke, da? And the British are here with Tornado jets, which will be part of our mission today.

The Americans are from your 52nd wing, from Germany. They are ill-equipped, tough — not like we had expected. Your war in Iraq and Afghanistan takes much in the way of equipment, and this we know well from our own war in the East. Even the very last Humvee is gone to the Iraq now. And your A-10 squadron came to Sochi with only “slick,” low-drag bombs and some Rockeyes. Thankfully, the Americans are amply supplied with your peerless Maverick missile! This is most eagerly anticipated.

We will step up to help our new ally today. I have been dispatched to the A-10 squadron with Sergeant Kulikov and his team, and special kits that your China Lake experts have tested. These allow the use of Russian bombs on your A-10! I will fly with the American squadron and teach the use of our PB-250, FAB-250 and 500, RBK series cluster munitions, ZB and ZAB napalm bombs, and KMGU-2 dispensers. Our 250-kilo bombs are roughly equivalent to your 500-pounders, and our 500 kg bombs to your 1000 pounders, but heavier both; the American technical representatives from Republic are sure the pylons will handle the strain. Of all of us in the wing, only I have flown American aircraft before — I am type-rated for your F-16. And now, I will fly your A-10 as well!

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