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Q. It was announced in the video that there will be fierce fighting on the ground. Are these historical battles?

A. The locations of most ground battles are historical, but the actual orders of battle, positions of individual units and so forth are mostly not historical. On some of the more historically important days we tried to make the front-line situation as historical as possible, while on the days when no significant battles historically happened you may attack some random targets that were not there in reality.

Q. Are the AI ground battles dynamic? Do the results carry to the next day?

A. The ground battles in the offline campaign are not dynamic in the way that results of one ground battle do not directly carry over into the next mission. However the ground battles are historical. For example, even if by some freak accident in your mission a couple of Shermans wipe out all German units near Bastogne, the next mission will still have the Americans outnumbered and surrounded.
In online campaigns, the host will have the choice between historical and non-historical flow of battle. When non-historical flow is selected (which we call “host’s choice campaigns”), then yes the results of each mission will directly carry over into the next mission and change the situation at the front.


Q. Can players change the outcome of these battles if they are historical?

A. This will only be possible in “host’s choice” online campaigns. This will not be possible in offline or historical online campaigns.

Q. Is damage done to ground units and structures by players truly dynamic? Are blown bridges destroyed permanently? Do units remain under strength from damage? Do they receive replacements?

A. The damage to destroyed structures does carry over from mission to mission. This means buildings, bridges, and other objects always present on the map. We also use Forgotten Battles built-in system, which was there since the original IL-2, which may restore some structures back to intact state after some time to simulate them being repaired. This is mostly used for bridges.

Damage to ground units however uses a more complex algorithm. Depending on the situation at the front (which as stated above can be historical or player-influenced) the units may or may not get resupplied. So, if a side is losing usually its destroyed units will stay destroyed and ground opposition will remain weaker. If a side is winning, then you are more likely to see new units coming in to replace the ones destroyed in the previous mission.

Q. Can players decline aircraft updates? I.E. The campaign “September 1944: Berlin Air Defense – Bf-109G-6 Late, Bf-109G-6/AS, BF-109G-10, Bf-109G-14, FW-190A-8”. Is it possible to stay with the Bf109G-14 and not move into a Fw190-A8?

A. First of all, the description of the Berlin Air Defense campaign, or any other, does not mean that you’ll fly all these planes in the course of one campaign. It rather means that when you select the Berlin Air Defense campaign, you will have the choice of either one of these planes as your starting airplane. You may or may not be upgraded to another plane during the course of the campaign; the majority of our campaigns do have you flying only one plane.

When flying historical campaigns, your unit may receive new planes at a certain date and you will have to convert, as was the case in real life. For host’s choice campaigns the host will be able to select the involved planes from mission to mission, thus giving the player more control over which plane he or she flies.


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Aircraft Transistor TIP35A picture

Aircraft Transistor TIP35A


King KTR9100 Transistor SD1019 picture

King KTR9100 Transistor SD1019


Abbott Transistor Los Angeles, Calif Model 80E6.3CT Part No 1968 picture

Abbott Transistor Los Angeles, Calif Model 80E6.3CT Part No 1968


Aircraft Transistors JAN2N2907 picture

Aircraft Transistors JAN2N2907


Cessna 2N6576 Transistor picture

Cessna 2N6576 Transistor


Cessna Aircraft Transistor, P/N 2N6576 (BE) New Surplus picture

Cessna Aircraft Transistor, P/N 2N6576 (BE) New Surplus


Transistor P/N 2N3700 New  picture

Transistor P/N 2N3700 New


Triplett Model 3490A Transistor Analyzer Operating Service & Parts Manual picture

Triplett Model 3490A Transistor Analyzer Operating Service & Parts Manual


007-00963-0000 Transistor MJ11012 NPN (Qty 4) picture

007-00963-0000 Transistor MJ11012 NPN (Qty 4)


DSI Transistor BDX65B picture

DSI Transistor BDX65B


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