The EECH / EEAH World Gets Even Better

by Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth




EECHThe evolution of Enemy Engaged continues! We’ve visited and revisited the Enemy Engaged series several times over the past eight (!) years and it doesn’t look like this train is stopping any time soon. This article will cover some of the more recent and newly released modifications to EECH / EEAH by the talented members of the EECH / EEAH modding community.

One of the most impressive modifications to EECH / EEAH has just been completed by Arne “arneh” Martin Güettler: a fully 3D AH-64 Apache cockpit including both Pilot and Co-Pilot/Gunner stations. I recently interviewed “arneh” about his contribution to the EECH / EEAH world.


“BeachAV8R”: Who are you “arneh” and what got you interested in modding EECH / EEAH?

“arneh”: I’m a 30-year-old developer from Oslo, Norway. My real name is Arne Martin Güettler and “arneh” is just my username from back in my university days. During the day I work on making the Opera Web Browser; probably the best browser in existence. I’ve always been a fan of aviation and flight simulators, and I’ve played pretty much all of them since the late 80s. And helicopters have been a particular favorite, starting with the original Microprose Gunship. Jane’s Longbow was a real eye-opener, as it was just incredibly good for its time. I still try to put as much as I can from it into EECH / EEAH.

I did of course get EECH / EEAH when it was first released, and thought it was a nice sim, though not as good as my old favorite Longbow. Then many years passed without me playing it. I heard the source code had been released, but still didn’t get involved. Then several more years later I read an article on this web site called SimHQ by this guy “BeachAV8R” which detailed the many mods and graphical updates that had been done to EECH / EEAH. It looked really impressive. So eventually I decided to give EECH / EEAH another go, and dug out my old CD and reinstalled it.

I was of course impressed about what had been done. But as I started playing I noticed things which could be improved and particularly things from my old favorite Longbow which would be cool to have in EECH / EEAH. So, since the source code was available, I decided to have a look and see if I could make any sense of it. And it turned out it was fairly easy to search my way to the little part I wanted to change, and it also was fairly logical how it worked so that I could change it. And the rest is history, I guess. Most other things proved to be fairly easy to find and change as well and with experience I was able to make bigger and bigger changes.



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